5 Ways to Increase Average Order Value

5 Ways to Increase Average Order Value

In today's competitive business landscape, how to increase average order value (AOV) is a crucial goal for e-commerce entrepreneurs and retail businesses alike. 

The AOV represents the average total amount customers spend in a single transaction, and elevating this metric can impact revenue growth and profitability. 

By focusing on strategies that encourage customers to spend more per order, businesses can maximize their profits and enhance customer satisfaction through personalized and valuable shopping experiences.


Whether you are a seasoned business owner seeking new ways to optimize your AOV or an aspiring entrepreneur aiming to maximize profitability from the outset, this guide will equip you with valuable strategies to increase average order value and take your business to new heights. 

First, let’s familiarize ourselves with the term Average Order Value.


What is the Average Order Value? And Why is it Important?


Average order value, or AOV, is the typical sum of money spent by a consumer making a single purchase from your store.


If you take the total income for any given period and divide it by the total number of orders for that same period, you calculate your AOV. Here is a basic formula for average order value:


An easy formula: Average Order Value = Total Sales Revenue / no. of Orders.


Here are a few key reasons why AOV is essential:


Increased Revenue:


Businesses can directly boost their revenue by increasing the average amount customers spend per order. 

Instead of solely focusing on acquiring new customers, increasing AOV allows firms to extract more value from their existing customer base, driving growth without attracting a larger customer pool.


Profitability Enhancement:


AOV plays a crucial role in improving the profitability of a business. Customers spending more per order positively impacts the profit margin on each transaction. 

Higher margins give businesses the financial resources to invest in expansion, product development, marketing initiatives, or improving customer experiences.


Efficient Resource Utilization:


Increasing AOV helps optimize the use of resources, such as marketing budgets and operational capacities. 

By encouraging customers to spend more in a single transaction, businesses can reduce the cost of acquiring and serving each customer, improving operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Enhanced Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):


AOV directly influences Customer Lifetime Value, which represents the total value a customer brings to a business throughout their relationship. 

When customers consistently spend more per order, their CLV increases, indicating higher long-term profitability and loyalty.


Personalization and Customer Experience:


Focusing on AOV allows businesses to provide personalized and tailored experiences to customers. 

Businesses can offer relevant product recommendations, special promotions, and personalized bundles by analyzing purchase patterns and customer behavior. This will foster a sense of value and encourage customers to spend more.


5 Ways To Increase AOV


Now that we’ve seen how vital AOV is, let's explore five ways to increase Average Order Value:

Offering Free Shipping on a Minimum Purchase Amount

If a consumer places a bigger order, you can provide them with free delivery. This will encourage them to buy more items. 

For instance, you might provide free shipping on purchases over $50. Many online businesses employ this tactic to raise the average order value.


If you choose to offer free shipping with a minimum purchase, be sure to make this offer visible on all pages of your website, including the home page, product pages, and checkout page. 


Creating Bundle or Bulk Deals

Assemble products that complement one another or are frequently sold as "bundles." 

This will increase your average order value by convincing clients who were only looking to buy a portion of a set to buy the entire (and more expensive) set.


Incentives for buying multiples of the same item are also an option. Customers could add more goods to their cart after realizing the savings associated with purchasing bulk items.


Combining the hottest products with slower-moving complementary lines to reduce the total cost is a fantastic idea. Offer the customer a "deal" while raising AOV and clearing out stock lines with a slow-moving inventory.


Implementing Upsell And Cross-sell

The best way to increase sales is to show or promote related products to your customers. This can be as simple as mentioning which items pair well with one another in your product descriptions.



Upselling is the process of encouraging a customer to upgrade the product they had initially intended to purchase. 

For instance, upselling would involve persuading a buyer who visits your online store intending to purchase the least-priced hand blender that choosing a more expensive (but better quality) hand blender is in their best interests.



Cross-selling is the process of including additional but related goods in a sale. For example, if a customer wants to purchase a shirt, the promotion persuades them to buy a pair of pants to complete the look.


Having a Loyalty Program/ Membership

If you sell Items that need to be purchased frequently, you can set up reward points or a loyalty program to attract revisiting customers.

The benefit of a loyalty program is that it helps you attract brand ambassadors and customers who return to your site to shop. 

According to the “ROI from Marketing to Existing Customers" report, 40% of the sales are from repeat customers. Only 8% of all customers are regular customers. 

Repeat customers are more likely to buy more from your store than customers who are unfamiliar with your brand.


By driving repeat sales, you can increase your followers, who are more likely to order a larger quantity of your product. Also, it costs less to advertise through retargeting, social media, and email marketing. These potential customers contribute to increasing the average order value.


Providing Social Proof

One of the factors that can affect purchasing decisions is Social Proof. It is the reviews and feedback from previous customers who have had a great experience with your product. 

Most buyers only shop for a product after they have researched it and read positive reviews of it.


You need to display these reviews on a highlighted section of your webpage so that people who are thinking of purchasing a product can be reassured that this product works and is worth buying.


Parting Thoughts 

Increasing average order value (AOV) is a fundamental strategy for businesses looking to increase revenue, improve profitability, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

In this article, we explored five effective ways to boost AOV and unlock the full potential of each transaction.


By combining these strategies and continually experimenting with new approaches, businesses can cultivate higher AOV, boost revenue, and foster long-term customer loyalty. 

Understanding that increasing AOV is a continuous process that requires careful analysis, experimentation, and adaptation to align with evolving customer needs and market dynamics is crucial.


As you implement these tactics, remember to focus on providing exceptional customer experiences, as satisfied customers are more likely to spend more and become advocates for your brand. 

By continually refining your approach to increasing AOV, you can unlock the full potential of each customer transaction and propel your business toward sustainable growth and success.


So, seize the opportunity to increase your average order value and watch your business thrive, fueled by higher revenue, improved profitability, and delighted customers.