How We Took Yellowtree from Zero to $1 Million in 7 Months

How We Took Yellowtree from Zero to $1 Million in 7 Months

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How We Took Yellowtree from Zero to $1 Million in 7 Months

Project Results


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Project Overview

Yellowtree is an ecommerce store based in Australia. The store carries a wide range of products, including home accessories, kitchen appliances, fitness equipment, tech gadgets, and more.

When Yellowtree came to us, it was mainly struggling in 3 areas:

1. Expanding its customer base and increasing the volume of orders

2. Creating a holistic marketing strategy that consisted of both paid and organic marketing

3. Increasing average order value (AOV) and return on investment (ROI) 

But, as a new entrant, the biggest challenge for Yellowtree was establishing trust and credibility with their target audience.

Our Strategy

Yellowtree’s ultimate goal was to become the ‘go-to online store’ for customers across Australia. Here’s how we made it happen:

1. Revamped the entire website and implemented CRO best practices to make it more user-friendly and improve the conversion rate.

2. Set up essential email flows, including Welcome Flow, Abandoned Checkout, Post-Purchase, and Winback Flow to increase conversions and customer lifetime value (LTV)

3. Created a solid paid marketing strategy, starting with Facebook Ads, and later ventured into new channels such as Google and TikTok Ads

4. Implemented various upselling and cross-selling techniques to increase average order value (AOV)

5. Drove organic traffic through SEO and social media marketing

The Results

With a fully responsive e-commerce website and marketing services from Digitorm, Yellowtree witnessed immediate results in the form of improved conversion rate, increased AOV, as well as overall staggering growth in its website traffic, retention rate, and monthly revenue. 

The store was able to achieve a monthly average revenue of $150,000 in just 7 months, with the average order value expanding from $78.44 to $188.75. We also achieved a Blended ROI of 5.50+ in the same time period!

Our ecommerce marketing services also helped Yellowtree establish itself as one of the top online marketplaces in Australia.

Here’s what Yellowtree had to say about Digitorm:

“Digitorm acts as a valuable extension of the company's team. Thanks to them, the company achieved exponential growth on a monthly basis. Internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their dedication, and how they take ownership of the project.”

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